Version 100

🗓️ Date: 27 Nov, 2023

✨ New features

[DATA INTEGRATIONS] Ability to process two types of data (jams and alerts) from Waze into your Cityscope through static data stream sets

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • [ZONES] Scroll function in Zones page not working
  • [ZONES] Improve AWS S3 JSON downloads (from XHR to Fetch)
  • [REPORTS] Correct support of edition of stream widgets
  • [REPORTS] Ability to correctly delete broken stream widgets
  • [REPORTS] Improve the visual of the Vertical bar chart and Horizontal bar chart legends
  • [REPORTS] The date picker inside the Reports section opened on the left side
  • [REPORTS] Implement a contact us version for scopes without streams

📝 Documentation

  • Our Help center guide will always help you to get started with us [🔗 Vianova Help Center]


As always, our teams are at your disposal to help you get started with these features, so don't hesitate to contact us directly online by chat or by email at [email protected].


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