Version 104

🗓️ Date: 4 Jan, 2024

✨ New features

  • [REPORTS] Explore our updated Report page: now more user-friendly, efficient, and faster. We've improved styling, layout, and performance to enhance your data analysis experience. Tailor it to your needs for seamless reporting.

🛠️ Cityscope Improvements

  • [GBFS 2.0] Cityscope can now ingest data from station-based GBFS providers transformed into data stream to build performance metrics; if there is no integrated bike-share system, it can be added starting today. For the Activity page, the stream will display the location of the points. For the Reports page, the stream can be used to explore the historical use of those stations in order to evaluate the station performance by zone, time of day, or others!
  • [EXPORTS] Introduced unified ISO 8601 standard format for all exports across the platform to express date and time as follows: year, month, day, hour, minutes, second (for example, January 18, 2024 at 6 p.m. is represented as 2024-01-18 18:00:00)
  • [WIDGET BUILDER] KPI Widget render type is now made available inside the Widget Builder to visualise your data

🚧 Bug Fixes

  • [REGULATIONS] Fixed a bug for all regulations where the start date of the regulation could be set before the current date
  • [ACTIVITY] Fixed a bug due to which it might be unable to change properly the visibility options and other settings of custom map layers
  • [LOGIN] Loader that occurs after login now ends correctly when an error occurs, with the user being transferred to the error page and correctly logged out instead of facing an indefinite loading
  • [LOGIN] Fixed a bug which caused that the application did not properly initialise upon repeated logins
  • [APPLICATION] Adjustments of font-sizes and paddings of elements across all of the application's pages to improve the visual experience of the users