Version 74

Release Note - Version 74

Date : 2022, November 24rd

*New Features : 🚨 🚦 🚏 Road Safety Scoring_Beta Version*

An innovative tool to improve all road users’ safety, especially vulnerable ones. In collaboration with several leading car manufacturers, Vianova developed a Road Safety dashboard, which aims at helping identify road risks and prevent traffic casualties thanks to Machine Learning.

Using millions of anonymized data points provided by car manufacturers, Vianova was able to detect and rank dangerous road corridors as well as hard braking events across several major European cities. Combining this data with world-class analysis of active travel data from vulnerable road users (e.g. pedestrians, cyclists, shared micro-mobility users) and street segment data, Vianova’s algorithms represent a major potential for urban planners in cities to improve their ability to identify and resolve safety risks as cities grow denser and mobility complexifies.

The beta version of our Road Safety API is currently being tested and will be available soon but please feel free to ask for more information or to participate in our pilot phases.

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Our Help center guide will take you step by step -> Vianova Help Center - Road Safety

And as always, our teams are at your disposal to help you get started with these features, so don't hesitate to contact us directly online by chat or by email at [email protected].