Version 99

🗓️ Date: 14 Nov, 2023

✨ New features

  • [REPORTING] Improved reporting experience 📊
    We improved the reporting experience by adding a new widget builder functionality which is able to search through the entire data set and is able to craft complex and swift insights. Additionally to that we have added already a set of predefined search templates that allow you to get industry insights by the click of a button.

    For more information about the improved reporting experience you can consult our knowledge base or contact us directly.

    Note: if this feature is not available in your scope please contact customer support to have it activated. ❗

  • [MAP SEARCH] Finding locations more easily through search 🔎
    Implementation of a search bar using the of the Mapbox Search API that allows users to search for any location more easily.

🚧 Bug fixes

  • [REPORTING] Support for units for hourly statistic metrics plus graph value rounding
  • [CONTROL] Battery percentage data available on vehicles
  • [UI BUG] Removal of the doubled scrollbar for Report's section list
  • [UI BUG] HTML elements having descriptive tooltips
  • [REGULATIONS] Stop the creation of a regulation group when a regulation failed

📝 Documentation

  • Our Help center guide will always help you to get started with us [🔗 Vianova Help Center]


As always, our teams are at your disposal to help you get started with these features, so don't hesitate to contact us directly online by chat or by email at [email protected].


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