Version 81

Date : March 13, 2023

The engineering team has been firing on all cylinders lately, with a lot of new features and improvements to some classic Cityscope features, especially in Control. There are a lot of complex projects which have been under development all quarter, which are now producing fruit- and we hope you'll try them out and let us know your thoughts!

✨ Product Improvements - Control Dashboard

  • 🔭 [CONTROL] Improved multi-operator view
    Control dashboard now distinguishes the different operators by a color code: you can now quickly analyse the situation by seeing which devices are active or in infractions (new tab + information in the terminal pop up ). This gives you the chance to see at a glance where operators are leaving devices, which could potentially help you improve your operator deployment and no deployment zones.

  • 🗂[CONTROL] "Reported devices" Tab
    We've supported the ability to notify operators about devices which need to be moved via the Control feature. Reporters (whether on the desktop app or on mobile) can send a message to the operator, and receive an email both when the message is sent, and when the issue is resolved. But now, resolved and unresolved devices can be tracked directly on the Control page- giving you the ability to quickly see which devices have already been reported by you or a colleague, how long it has been since the vehicle was reported, and what the status of recently resolved devices is.

✨ Product Improvements - Regulations & Reports

  • [REGULATION] Operator Drop Off Caps and Floors

Several cities have restrictions on where operators may drop off devices during rebalancing, and may impose a cap on the maximum number of permitted devices to be placed by an operator in one spot. These policies are not meant to affect a user's ability to end a trip, but are designed to limit a "saturation" of parked devices from operators. This policy is now available as a feature of cap and floor policies- the user has the ability to specify whether the cap and floor applies to all vehicles, or only to vehicles dropped off by an operator.

Infringements of this policy can be tracked using report widgets, as with other policies. For more information on the policy types available, see our knowledge base.

  • [REPORT] Device Registration Report Widgets

As we mentioned in a prior update, we can now support the monitoring of device registrations using the Agency API. We've now added the ability to create Report widgets to track these infractions over time (in addition to monitoring them in real time on Control): prevent operators from exceeding their authorized fleet capacity and take action against infringing devices. 🛴

  • [REPORT] Infringement Tables By Policy Type

While you have been able to build infringement tableswhich list specific device issues on a per-policy basis, we now give you the ability to create table for all the policies of the same type within your city. For example you can create a report to collect all of the infringements in every no parking zone, rather than creating individual infringement tables for each one.

✅ Miscellaneous Improvements and bug fixing

  • Proof-of-Concept version of Single Sign On user authentication- We're working on offering SSO connectivity security options soon (that will allows users to sign-in only once during a whole session, without retyping a new user name/password, using just one set of credentials) - if you are interested in this subject, do not hesitate to contact your CS representative to find out more.
  • Load Time / platform performance- We're running very complex queries to answer some use cases. We've adopted two new techniques which should hopefully make this process simpler. First, we're "pre-computing" a number of the most popular queries, such as the search "last week" or "last month", in Activity. Second- we're "caching" very hard queries, for example "Zone Zooms"for origin and destination flows. If your first query fails, don't worry! It's still running in the background, and if you refresh and re-run the identical query, you should get your result much quicker.

📝 Documentations

Our Help center guide will help you to get started with us [Vianova Help Center ]


As always, our teams are at your disposal to help you get started with these features, so don't hesitate to contact us directly online by chat or by email at [email protected].


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