Combining Cityscope With Other Data

Cityscope is a powerful tool, but it's not the only source of data for most cities. One of the most important features of Cityscope is it's ability to serve as a fountain for additional data insights.

Adding New Data to Cityscope

By working with your City Success manager, it is possible to add additional layers of data directly into the Cityscope platform. New data will appear as "Layers", which are available from the top right corner of the Activity page. Examples of potential data layers may include the routes and locations of public transport infrastructure, demographic or social data about districts and subdistricts, or trail or cyclepath networks. This data can be used for a quick visual assessment.


Exporting Cityscope Data to Your Systems

All of the aggregated statistics that are available in Cityscope can be exported into a CSV file and brought into your data visualization tool of choice. With a little work on a pivot table, you are able to compare data with other datasets. You can read more about the powerful export tool in this article.