Users, Organizations, Scopes, Roles and Permissions

Understanding Your Settings

User and Organization

To login to Cityscope you will need a user account. This account stores your full name, email and password.

As a user, you will be associated with one organization. This can be the city or operator that you work for. An organization can have many users of different roles, including those with the admin role that have the permission to add other users.


An organization has one or more more scopes. Scopes define a geographic area of analysis and regulation. They group together the feeds being ingested from providers operating in that area, the regulations applied to those feeds, all the zones and reports produced to manage and understand the data, and the users of the organization allowed to see that data. For most organizations, one scope will be enough.


For example, the team that manages micro-mobility at Art City would have one organization to manage its users and one scope defining the geographic area around Art City for which it wants data and the ability to regulate.

On the other hand, an Operator who has devices deployed in five cities would have one organization and five scopes, each scope representing the geographic area in which those devices are deployed. This Operator would also be able to control which users have access to which scopes, helping complex organizations cleanly deploy and manage their devices in multiple geographies.

Inviting New Users

You have the option of inviting a new user to the entire organization, or to one or several scopes within the organization.

The "users" screen can be reached from the guide on the left of every screen, or from the "organization settings" page.

You can give your user one of several different roles. In general, "admin has the ability to add or remove new users, but is otherwise similar to the City Staff* (for cities) or Controller* (for data providers).

How to re-invite a user

When inviting a user, it could happened that they don't validate their account. As an admin, you always have the possibility to re-invite them from the Organization settings>User left menu. You just need to click on the "mail" icon next to the user name to send them a new invitation code.

User Roles

Cityscope uses a "Role Based Access Control" process to ensure that the correct users have access to the right features. The following roles are available:

Admin- Access to all features, ability to add and delete new users and set their roles

City User- Access to all features

Parking Enforcement Officer - Access only to the Control view (Desktop and Mobile)

Prospect- Access to all features, but with operator names masked

Demo- Access to all features in a read-only way (no new policies, no new reports, etc)

Videos and Additional Resources