The Activity Page

Cityscope's Powerful Query Engine

Introduction to the Activity Page

The Activity Page is a fantastic tool to query historic data about how mobility services operate in a city. The Activity Page was the first thing we designed in Cityscope, and it has remained an incredibly powerful tool for exploring data. This feature changes frequently in order to best meet client needs, so keep coming back for updates on how to use the tool!

Who Uses the Activity Page?

The Activity Page is a Cityscope feature for people who are looking to answer a specific question about a moment in time, a particular geography, or both. It presents information about devices and trips in a historic context, allowing a user to get a sense of what has happened in the past. Some users take this data to provide information to the public or other stakeholders about key performance indicators. Others use it to plan new infrastructure (for example new mobility hubs or new cycle lanes) based on historic infrastructure usage. As Cityscope grows, Activity will include new data, both static and dynamic, which allows users to make comparisons and draw conclusions.

You shouldn't need to be an expert in GIS or data science in order to unlock the power of your data- Cityscope uses the Activity Page to bring important insights directly to you.

Videos and Additional Resources