Fees, Fines & Subsidies

The Fees, Fines & Subsidies feature is designed to help cities and regions efficiently manage fees charged to operators for using shared mobility infrastructure and services, as well as enforce fines for regulatory violations or non-compliance. Once it is activated by your Customer Success Manager, the Vianova platform will automatically compute the required fees or fine calculations and send the results via email directly to your inbox at a pre-determined frequency.

The capability can also be used to support the next generation of regulations, including not only fees and fines, but subsidies for trips that support city policies around sustainability and social inclusion.


First, let’s align on what we mean by Fees, Fines and Subsidies:

  • Fees - Charges imposed on operators by a City or a Regional Authority for using shared mobility infrastructure or services, often based on factors such as fleet size or activity metrics.
  • Fine - Penalties imposed on operators for violations of regulations or non-compliance with terms of service, typically related to parking infringement fleet management.
  • Subsidies - Financial support provided to operators by a City or a Region of shared mobility services to encourage adoption, improve accessibility, or offset operational costs.

Setting up Fees, Fines & Subsidies

The Fees, Fines & Subsidies automated emails are configured by your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Please get in touch with them to activate the feature. The process follows three simple steps:

  1. Configuration: a fee (or subsidy) per device or per trip is configured in the Vianova database by your Customer Success Manager
  2. Calculation: each time the fee is calculated (daily, weekly, monthly) a total is generated based on the latest data
  3. Billing: an email is sent to the city and (optionally) to all operators individually with the bill

Feature Parameters

To cater for your requirements and goals, the Fees, Fines & Subsidies can be customised according to a number of parameters:

  • Metric & Calculation: leveraging the power of Vianova's data query engine, we can compute any value from our standard metrics. For instance we can calculate a fee per trip, per fleet size by specific districts or a fine per infringement to a particular regulation.
  • Recipients: whether to yourself, a specific department, or directly to the operators; you can define who will receives the automated emails.
  • Frequency: emails can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, at a custom frequency, or triggered when a standard metric threshold is met.

Sample Email