What Policies are Right for My Needs?

What policies should you consider adding to develop the best shared mobility program?

Reducing Clutter from Parked Devices

  • Consider adding targeted caps in heavily traveled districts, particularly areas where sidewalk space is at a premium.

-Consider adding no parking zones in areas with heavy pedestrian activity

Getting More Utilization out of Devices

-Consider adding a policy dictating a maximum time period a device can be "unavailable", thereby incentivizing operators to keep devices in a state of good working repair, available to customers

-If your city has caps, consider raising caps in areas where vehicle rotation is high in order to incentive operators to leave devices in those areas.

Promoting Access in areas with Disadvantaged Populations

-Consider adding a floor requiring a minimum number of devices to be located in ares with low utilization

-Consider removing these areas from Citywide caps, encouraging operators to provide additional devices

-Consider adding additional subsidies per trip originating/ending in these areas