Managing your Fleet as a Mobility Provider

Vianova is a powerful tool for Mobility Providers and Data Producers as well as for data consumers. Here, we'll share some information about how to maximize the benefit of Cityscope for Operators.

What you See: The Provider Experience

All mobility providers on Vianova are today sharing mobility data via either MDS or GBFS formats. This data is then ingested by Vianova and presented in the form of aggregated insights on the Cityscope platform. Through the Provider dashboard, the mobility operator is able to see the data exactly as it is presented to the City. Operators are therefore able to compare their own data to the data which they see in Cityscope to better understand how their data is being represented to cities.

Customization: Reports and Zones

A Provider's Cityscope experience operates separately from the experience of a City user- customization is not shared between the two. As an operator, you can create your own reports and custom zones for metrics which matter to you, but which may not matter to the City.

Troubleshooting Differences Between Operator Data and Cityscope Data

Operators sometimes notice differences between the data they maintain in their internal systems, and data presented to the City through cityscope. Some of the reasons this may occur include:

  • An incorrect mapping of device statuses within the Operator's fleet management system to the statuses of MDS. This incorrect mapping could resent in an operator providing incorrect MDS to the city.

-An error in the operator process, whereby the status of a device is not properly adjusted to reflect its present state. For example, a device that has been picked up off the street but does not show a status indicating this fact will continue to present through MDS (and on Cityscope) as on the street.

-An issue with the quality of the GPS data reported through the MDS feed, which may only incorporate on-device GPS (as opposed to triangulated GPS including cellular or other sources)